Tour De Murrieta

Tour De Murrieta

The 2015 Tour de Murrieta was held between March 13th and 15th, featuring the most competitive race teams in California. The event consisted of three stage races.

  1. The Time Trial on Friday, March 13 consisted of a challenging course consisting primarily of paved road followed by 1.2 miles of compact dirt.
  2. The Grand Prix on Saturday, March 14 presented a fast 1 mile course through Downtown Murrieta.
  3. The final race, Circuit Race on Sunday, March 15, was a rolling 3.5 mile course.

All three days, Junk Jam was in full force at Tour De Murrieta. Taking home a stage win with Monster Media Racing. Let us be a part of your Team!


Spread The Comfort!

runner-excited-anti-chafing-creamWhen you think about the standout people and moments in your life, they can likely be broken down into two distinct categories: those that were reach-for-the-stars, over-the-moon-phenomenal, and those that made you feel so damn small you wished you could kick them in the shin and disappear. Now, keeping your personal examples in mind, which would you like to instill in others? Likely (hopefully!) not the latter.

It’s nice to feel good, but it’s even better to make others feel good. In fact, research shows that an attitude of gratitude can improve emotional and physical health, strengthen relationships and make you happier at work. In other words? It’s time to show a little (HR appropriate) love in your workplace.