Our Story Starts in my Kitchen 4 years ago.  

I had been racing my bike and doing Triathlons all over the world. I used chamois creams and anti-chafing creams all the time. I always made notes on what was good about some products and what just seemed to fall flat of its promise. I was looking for an anti-chafing cream that could provide all the great and needed things.  A longer lasting staying power, something that would not stain your clothes, was gentle on all fabrics, non greasy, had no parabens (basically no chemicals), and a great smell.


Not finding what I needed, I literally started cooking and mixing ingredients in my kitchen. A full year of trial and error,  lots of  tweaks, and of a whole lot pots and utensils that didn’t survive! This was important to me to make sure natural ingredients could work together and have a shelf life of at least 2 years. I wanted stability and a product that would not break down under cold or hot temperatures. Countless batches that I put my heart into. Once I had what I wanted, and was proud to put my name on it, I took it to the lab. The lab was amazed at what I had come up with. They took it and made all my hard work pay off! My passion for developing this product will show the first time you apply it.

So please, go ahead and SPREAD THE COMFORT!!!

Chris DeMarchi
Founder and CEO of Junk Jam, Inc.