Anti-Chafing Cream Applications

Junk Jam Anti-Chafing Cream is a special formula that reduces friction from skin rubbing on skin, and skin rubbing on clothing. Chafing may occur in numerous places of the body, and during a variety of different exercises.  Junk Jam can be applied before, during, or after chafing occurs. Apply Junk Jam Anti-Chafing Cream to any location where you need superior protection from chafing and moisture. Its uses are endless.



If you have ever fallen victim to rashes ‘where it counts’ the most!  Spread The Comfort with Junk Jam.



Surfer’s find Junk Jam’s healing powers to work wonders where friction burns occur from wetsuits that generally rub around the neck or ankle area.



Help fight blisters on the end of your toes or heals of your feet with Junk Jam Anti-Chafing Cream.  You will be glad you did!



Similar to running, walkers may also acquire blisters on their feet from going on long walks or frequent up hill walking.



Transitions between swimming, cycling, and running is a big cause of blisters and chafing on feet and legs.  Junk Jam’s unique ingredients deliver great protection against chafing and moisture.



Hiking with boots or running shoes is one of the most friction causing activities ranging from rashes between the legs or blisters from boots or shoes.  Always be prepared with Junk Jam!



Football Players utilize Junk Jam on the many places where rashes occur with all the padding, and equipment that causes rashes and blisters.


Skiing Wind Burn Protection

Use Junk Jam when skiing in cold climates to protect against burns from the wind and chapped lips.  Take it along to help protect against the elements!

Other Uses:

Junk Jam can be used to help protect against chafing for any sport or event.  It is also very good for wind chafing or windburn and heat rashes.

In studies, we have also found that some people who may be overweight can use it where body friction occurs.

Nursing mothers may also apply it as nipple cream to help soothe and maintain moisture when needed.

Diaper Rash

Minimizes Scarring.